The Trump administration has decided on its Ambassador to Ireland and the official announcement will be made over the St. Patrick’s period.

The ambassador-to-be is said to know the president personally and he has passed all the background checks. IrishCentral can report he has received briefings on his new position from Ireland experts.

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Meanwhile there is speculation that the White House will also announce the new Special Envoy for Northern Ireland over St. Patrick’s period.

One name mentioned has been former Republican Congressman Jim Walsh of Syracuse, New York, a very popular bipartisan figure who was Co-Chair of the Friends of Ireland.

Walsh is deeply familiar with Northern Ireland and the main players there having kept closely in touch after he stepped away from Congress.

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Some Irish Americans are urging President Trump to cross the aisle and appoint long time Northern Ireland expert former Congressman Bruce Morrison. Morrison is also a very well known figure in Ireland, especially for his work on immigration and Northern Ireland.