Former Congressman Joe Crowley will speak at a meeting of Irish Americans who are growing increasingly alarmed about the U.K. leaving the EU without a Brexit deal and the return of an Irish border.

The meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon in New York, at the Law Offices of John Dearie, a prominent attorney who has led many Irish American efforts to secure peace in Ireland. 

“America is organizing to raise our voices in opposition to yet another example of British bullying.   (U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s) arrogance knows no bounds.  He will be meeting with France and Germany to convince them to bully Ireland into foregoing the back-stop,” stated Irish American activist Michael Cummings, in a letter to fellow leaders about the meeting and its aims.

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“For many of us, this will be the most consequential opportunity to set things right in Ireland in nearly 100 years when the N.I. garrison was established in 1920.  Hearings on the threats to the Good Friday Agreements (Stormont House, etc.), British efforts to grant police and military personnel amnesty for the killings of innocent civilians, the disregard for the democratic vote in the North and the promise of repealing the Human Rights Act are issues Americans can bring to the table before there is any vote on a new U.S.-U.K. trade deal,” Cummings added.

John Bolton, President Trump’s national security advisor, was in London on Monday and said the Trump administration enthusiastically supports the U.K.’s withdrawal from the EU on October 31, as Johnson has promised – with or without an exit deal. “If that’s the decision of the British government, we will support it enthusiastically, and that’s what I’m trying to convey. We’re with you, we’re with you,” Bolton said.

Bolton also said the U.S. would be “first in line” to do a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.K., even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richie Neal have both said a deal cannot be done if a hard border returns in Ireland.

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