Irish American Democrats marked a big milestone last Saturday. The nationwide lobbying group opened up its first physical campaign office last week in Cleveland.

A press release issued by the group said, “Irish American Democrats took a significant and historic step this week by opening a campaign field office in the perennial battle-ground state of Ohio. Given the high stakes in this year's election, and with the race narrowing down to a few battleground states, Irish American Democrats opened a bricks and mortar campaign center in Cleveland's West Park neighborhood, a traditional Irish American enclave.”

Stella O’Leary, founder and president of the Irish American Democrats said, "This office will give a focus for those Irish Americans and members of organized labor who have been ‘sitting it out’ prior to Labor Day to jump back in and make their vote count.”

The office will be led by John Myers, a Ohio for Clinton/Kaine supporter.  

It will be used as an organization center for local Irish American and other out-of-town volunteers to phone-bank and canvass the area. 

“With two million Ohio residents self-identifying as of Irish descent this makes Irish Americans the largest swing vote in the largest swing state,” said O’Leary.

The local labor unions, with their large Irish American membership, will direct many of their election activities out of the office, and out-of-town volunteers have been signing up to work there.  Next week, 42 of Clinton’s friends from Arkansas will arrive in Cleveland to volunteer, making the Irish American office their headquarters. 

"We look forward to many more volunteers from the East Coast joining us for weekends," said O'Leary.

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