Roscommon star and fabulous MacDowell got on famously on set of "Love After Love" despite O'Dowd being a bossy boots.

Chris O’Dowd’s new movie Love After Love dropped in a single theater in New York last Friday and will add another location in LA this week. The indie project which co-stars Andie MacDowell seems pretty thoughtful and garnered some great reviews after it bowed at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The film sees MacDowell as a new widow who navigates life and love on her own; her two sons, one of whom is played by O’Dowd, do the same. Their paths, of course, are hardly smooth.

Seems a bit of odd casting having O’Dowd at 38 play MacDowell’s son.  She’s a fabulous looking 59-year-old, but their chemistry works and the two stars got along famously on set, even if the Roscommon-born O’Dowd was at times a bossy boots.

“Chris is very deep and methodical about preparing for scenes. He wants to go through every detail about the character to make sure he’s in the right place. He drove me absolutely crazy!” McDowell laughed during a joint interview with O’Dowd last week for

“But I had to let go and let Chris do his thing. And then it was magical. It felt like we had so much money — but we didn’t — and that I was working on a movie that supported me and actually gave me time to work. I am so spoiled now. It was the best experience I have ever had doing anything.”

O’Dowd is equally pleased with the finished product, and says he learned a lot when shooting the film.

“For me it’s that grief is messy. Losing someone doesn’t lend itself to a linear, rational grieving experience. It’s more like a collage of emotions that you don’t understand until you’re having them. What everyone is going through is being reminded of their own mortality, and that can suddenly make you very horny, and angry.”

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