The joint initiative from DCU and the DCU Students' Union will make period products freely available to students in all ground-floor women's and gender-neutral bathrooms at the university's Glasnevin and St. Patrick's campuses. 

The products are also freely available from the Students' Union and the DCU Health Centre. 

The initiative further includes a postal service for students who are unable to access the products on-campus, while reusable period products will be available for students in financial distress. 

DCU and @DCUSU have joined to provide free period products to students on-campus and off. The initiative will see period products freely available to students in all ground floor women’s bathrooms and within gender neutral bathrooms on campus. Read here:

— Dublin City University (@DCU) October 27, 2021

Dean O'Reilly, the DCU Students' Union Vice-President for Wellbeing, welcomed the initiative and said that it helped to erase period poverty and period stigma. 

"This is an initiative that students want and that students need," O'Reilly said in  a statement. "The general distribution of these products through discrete and public locations brings us closer to our ultimate goal of dismantling period poverty and stigma. 

"Our postal service ensures that all students, including many of our students on placement and those with health and accessibility concerns, have access to the products they need." 

Dr. Claire Bohan, Director of DCU Student Support & Development, said that the initiative can transform the lives of students who need period products. 

"Our mission in DCU is to transform lives and society. No student should ever have to worry about access to basic necessities.

"By providing this service, we are taking one more concern out of their lives and are helping those students who need this service focus on the things that matter most at University - learning, building lifelong friendships and developing themselves to their fullest potential.

"Today, with the launch of these services, we hope no student ever has to worry about their period again. That certainly will transform their lives."