Forty-seven-year-old has dreamt of same 1920s killer since she was a child, blames former incarnation for car crashes, allergies and family deaths.

A 47-year-old mother from County Cork, Sharon Parrett, believes that she was a black, male murderer from New Orleans in a former life, which is why she is suffering from such back luck, including a series of injuries and a family member’s deaths.

Parrett believes that in a past life she was a vicious killer. The mother from Cork has been having a vivid recurring dream about the killer for 40 years. The dream is so clear that Parrett’s husband Tim (46) has been able to sketch the killer from her description.

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The Irish mother, who works as a special needs’ assistant, believes that she is being blighted by bad luck because of her past sins while reincarnated as a black, male murderer in New Orleans. Within five years Parrett was involved in four car crashes, has suffered numerous allergies, four broken bones, including two legs, and numerous deaths have occurred in the family. She also blames her previous bad luck in relationships on her past life.

Mum claims she was black murderer from New Orleans in previous life

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Parrett describes the figure as being from the 1920s and she sees him wearing a trench coast. Speaking to the Daily Mail the Cork woman said “I do believe in reincarnation and I do feel that I've been here [on earth] a few times.

“I believe [the man in my dreams] had done bad things. I don't know why but I believe he had killed someone, committed a murder.

“I think he's something to do with being a detective, but I don't think he's a good person. I feel that I'm now being punished in this life.

“A lot has happened in my lifetime. I've had bad relationships; bad things have happened to me.

“I'm allergic to a ridiculous amount of things and I'm in and out of hospitals all year round. I'm allergic to grass and tree pollen, cats, dogs, horses, gala melon, mold, hazelnuts, possibly latex.

“I've broken bones - I've broken both my legs, my back. Around four bones. We've even had four car crashes in five years.

“I'm known for not having much luck, although people would say the kind of job, I'm in I should have good karma, but I don't.

“I'm completely different from that person now, but I do think that my bad luck is due to that.”

Despite having no connection to New Orleans Parrett has been having a recurring dream about the killer since she was a small child.

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She told the Mail “Each time I have this dream I wake up sweating and panting. It's a strange feeling - very weird.

“I go into this empty pub, it's derelict, and as I get to the top of a flight of stairs, I see my reflection. That's how I know I'm a black man.

“I think the fact that I can see myself in the mirror and I'm a completely different person, that's the scariest part.

“There's a woman at the top of the stairs also, and she's upset and scared of me. It always scares me too.

“She has two children with her and she is cowering in the corner. This woman and her children are scared of me. I don't understand why.

“I'm wearing a long coat and I get the feeling I'm not the nicest person. I got my husband to draw the place I imagined in my mind and the man.

“I've been having the dream for as long as I remember, but I've never been able to work out his name or any more detail.”

In an effort to study and understand what her dream might mean Parrett has converted to Buddhism.

She said “I asked them in the [Buddhist] temple if I had to come back but I'm trying to be really good.

“I've often met people that I think I've known, but it was impossible. For example, I was in Turkey and this man was looking at me like he'd seen me before too.

“There was no way we would have ever crossed paths. We couldn't have known each other.

“I feel a major connection towards India also, yet I've never been there. Even my family have said there's something Indian in you, you must be Indian in a former life.”

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