Speaking outside the Tallaght family home and scene of the tragic murder, Nan Cawley, the first cousin of Christy and Chelsea Cawley and Lisa Cash who were stabbed to death in their home on September 4, spoke about the children and the family's huge loss.

The bodies of Christy and Chelsea Cawley (8) and Lisa Cash (18) were discovered in their home in Tallaght, Dublin in the early hours of Sun, September 4.

Their brother, Andy Cash (24) has been arrested for the crime. His mother Margeret and younger brother, Mikey, who raised the alarm, survived the attack. Just over a week after the three siblings were laid to rest and Andy Cash appeared in court, their cousin spoke to the press in Tallaght.

Nan Cawley told the Sunday World, “We will never ever forget them.”

“Margaret, the children’s mother, wanted me to speak with you to say thank you to everyone for the support since this happened.

“She wanted to say thank you to the schools, the guards, the parish, and everyone in the community for everything they have done for the family.”

The Sunday World asked Nan what Margaret would want the world to know about her late daughter Lisa Cash. 

"She was just a lovely girl … she really was," Nan responded.

“She was due to begin working with the Tallaght Traveller Youth Service on the Monday morning after it happened.

“She had finished school so this would have been her first proper job.

“She was so excited about that.”

The sibling's funeral in Dublin.

The sibling's funeral in Dublin.

 Lisa and her mother were very close, Nan explained. 

"Lisa’s mother was her best friend … she had two other best friends in Mary and Natasha but Lisa and her mum were so close.”

Nan added, “Lisa was just like a happy 18-year-old girl but she loved Elvis as well … her and Chelsea both did.”

“She was mostly all about her family and friends.

“She had never given an ounce of trouble in her life.”

Speaking about Christy, Nan said the eight-year-old's great passions were cars and football.

“That’s why the little cars are in there with the flowers” laid in tribute, she said.

“And his favorite team was Manchester Utd.

“Christy and Chelsea had just finished up in the junior school and were starting second class at the senior school.

She said the twins loved school. 

“They were always the first there … the first outside the door,” she said.  “They never missed a day.”

Nan's daughter, Isabella, spoke about Chelsea.

“Her favorite color was pink...And she liked Elvis and Harry Potter and Tom Holland [Spiderman]," said Isabella.

“Her favorite song was ‘Buttercup’. And she really loved gymnastics. She wanted to be a gymnast when she grew up.”

The murdered siblings, Margaret, at their funeral.

The murdered siblings, Margaret, at their funeral.

Speaking about the children's mother, Margaret, Nan said "She not very good… as you’d expect but we are trying to get her through this.

“She has a nephew ‘baby David’ that Lisa, Chelsea, and Christy thought the world of… they all think the world of him… so having him around does help.

“And as a family, we’re around her constantly.

“She’s with her mother and her family and her daughter, Margaret, and her son Mikey and they’re all very close.”

She continued “We’re all devastated.

“It probably hasn’t even hit home fully yet … it probably won’t for a long time.

“The most important thing for us is that they are never ever forgotten.

“And we want them to be remembered in good ways.”

On October 6, Andy Cash, the brother of the deceased, will appear in court for directions from the Director of Public Prosecutions.