Will you be cooking this St Patrick’s Day food on March 17? You’re clearly not alone if these shipping stats are anything to go by.

Are you going to have a corned beef/bacon and cabbage dinner for St Patrick’s Day? We can guarantee that many of you will be, as the veg experiences a massive 70% surge in shipments in the week leading up to St Patrick’s Day.

While you all run out to the store to prepare for your perfect cabbage-filled Saint Patrick’s Day dinner, there is over one and a half times the amount of cabbages being shipped to fill the March 17 demand, according to data compiled on the Irish vegetable by WalletHub.

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Corned Beef/Bacon and Cabbage is the perfect Saint Patrick's Day recipe. Image: iStock.

Corned Beef/Bacon and Cabbage is the perfect Saint Patrick's Day recipe. Image: iStock.

In fact, over a third of Americans are planning to have a special Saint Patrick’s Day dinner and we’d say you could add a few special Irish breakfasts to that as well. Thankfully the price of cabbage is on the decrease generally so you can stock up on plenty when pairing it up with some bacon. Cabbage is now a whole 0.53c cheaper per pound than it was in 2017. 

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Image: WalletHub.

Image: WalletHub.

Of course, cabbage is not the only Irish form of sustenance that experiences an increase in sales over the Saint Patrick’s Day period. On March 17, 152.5% more beer is sold than usual and a massive 819% more Guinness is sold. It’s estimated that 13 million pints of the black stuff are consumed on Saint Patrick’s Day alone.

If you have any leftover bacon and cabbage after March 17 we have the perfect way for you to use it all up. While we have a great bacon and cabbage recipe, why not try out these bacon and cabbage spring rolls for something a little different.

Do you generally have bacon and cabbage on St Paddy’s Day? Let us know your plans for the big day in the comments section below.

Eagerly awaiting their Saint Patrick's Day dinner. iStock