This Irish whiskey - aka the hot toddy! - recipe is the perfect warmer-upper.

A hot whiskey is the best traditional 'cure-all' for those seasonal sniffles but it’s also a delicious digestif or a nightcap (drink before bed).

With the weather set to become colder in the coming weeks and months, this recipe could come in very handy indeed. 

Irish whiskey hot toddy recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • A good Irish whiskey (Jameson or Powers is the best Irish whiskey for a hot toddy recipe!)
  • A heat-proof glass
  • 7/8 cloves
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • Slice of lemon


Fill a kettle to boil hot water.

To pre-heat your glass, place a metal spoon in the glass and pour some hot water in. The spoon will prevent the glass from breaking! Once the glass is warmed, dump out the water.

Cut a slice of lemon, remove the pips, and stick some cloves into the fruit.

Put a teaspoon of sugar into the glass followed by a shot of Irish whiskey. Give the whiskey and sugar mixture a bit of a stir and try to dissolve the lumps.

Add boiling water and then stir.

Add the lemon and additional cloves (if desired) to the mix.

Wrap a wee' napkin around the glass, so you don’t scald yourself.


 *Originally published in 2016, updated in October 2023.