Guinness Extra Stout packs each bottle with history and a taste profile unlike any other. 

Every sip of Guinness Extra Stout is like a taste of history. One of the oldest beers on the market, Guinness Extra Stout is based on a beer first brewed in 1821, when Arthur Guinness II set down precise instructions for brewing his Superior Porter. This beer has since become the precursor to every Guinness innovation you’ve ever enjoyed.

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According to Guinness archivist Eibhlin Colgan, it was Guinness Extra Stout that put Guinness on the world stage. 

Meticulously developed thanks to inspiration from the Guinness archives and brewed at the famous St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, Guinness Extra Stout is crafted from finest quality malt, hops, and Irish barley. 

Its aroma is medium and balanced, with a forward roast character and a subtle fermentation fruitiness. 

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At 5.6% ABV, its flavor is perfectly rounded, striking a tricky balance between bitter and sweet. Where the traditional Guinness Draught is creamy and smooth, Guinness Extra Stout is sharp and crisp.

Pair it with cheeses, soda bread slathered with fig jam, and salad, or enjoy by itself as a sipping beer - but always enjoy responsibly. 

Carbonated with carbon dioxide instead of nitrogen like its counterpart, Guinness Extra Stout pours with a sudsy head, a deep color, and a rich, refreshing taste - dry, with the faintest kiss of caramel. Guinness Extra Stout also has a higher ratio of hops, which enhances its delectable bite.  

You might even say that it's extra. 

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