This holiday season, impress your guests by serving up these fabulous cocktails inspired by Guinness. 

We have three cocktails for you to try your hand at this Christmas - St. James Flip with Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Black Velvet with Guinness 0 and finally, an Espresso Martini with Guinness Stout.

A rich and sumptuous cocktail that gets its name from the home of Guinness at St. James Gate in Dublin. In this cocktail, which serves two, all ingredients are shaken and then strained into a small goblet and garnished with freshly grated nutmeg.

One of the oldest beers on the market, Guinness Extra Stout is based on a beer first brewed in 1821, when Arthur Guinness II set down precise instructions for brewing his Superior Porter. This beer has since become the precursor to every Guinness innovation you’ve ever enjoyed.


  • 60 ml Black Rum
  • 30 ml Sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 Fresh egg
  • 88 ml Guinness Extra Stout
  • Grated nutmeg, to garnish


  • Combine all wet ingredients in a cocktail shaker and dry shake without ice.
  • Add ice to the shaker and continue to shake until the mixture is smooth and frothy.
  • Strain the cocktail into a small goblet and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Guinness Black Velvet with Guinness 0

A silky, velvety drink where the effervescence and dry biscuit notes of sparkling wine provide a curious coupling with Guinness Zero, served in a Champagne flute for a touch of decadence.

Guinness 0 is brewed with a new cold filtration process that ensures you get the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavor and unique dark color of Guinness Draught. 


  • 90 ml Half a flute of Champagne
  • 90 ml Half a flute of Guinness 0


  • Combine the ingredients.

Espresso Martini with Guinness Stout 

Create a stylish Espresso Martini infused with the classic taste of Guinness Draught Stout. Guinness has a malty sweetness and a hoppy bitterness, with notes of coffee and chocolate, which comes across beautifully in this classic cocktail recipe.


  • 50 ml dark rum
  • 1 handful ice
  • 25 ml cold espresso coffee
  • 25 ml vodka
  • 100 ml Guinness Draught Stout 


  • Add a handful of ice to a tumbler glass before pouring in the rest of the ingredients and giving a good stir.
  • Strain the cocktail into a martini glass and serve.

When celebrating the spirit of the season, remember to always raise a pint responsibly. You can keep up to date with Guinness in the US on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter