Four Walls, the Irish American whiskey brand founded by “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” stars Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, and Charlie Day, is headed for bars everywhere and is now available to order online.

Irish American in every sense of the term, Four Walls uses grain and malt Irish Whiskeys sourced from Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk, Co Louth, which is then blended with American Rye from Cedar Ridge Distillery in Iowa.

Four Walls Irish American Whiskey will be on bar shelves in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and California to start and is currently available to ship in many US states.

The Irish American whiskey brand describes itself as a tribute to the four walls the gang calls home, the bar, and was initially sold as a limited edition release, raising money for the bartending community.

"We wanted to create a brand celebrating the four walls that have held our good times in and kept our troubles out," is how Howerton describes the gang's initial inspiration.

Following the success of the limited drop, Howerton, McElhenney, and Day began exploring ways to make a new version of Irish American whiskey, distilled as much for Saturday night as Tuesday afternoon.

The unique style of whiskey they envisioned would become a go-to in the type of rooms they cherish, where friends could raise a glass together and not be concerned about whatever is happening outside of that moment.

"After our higher-end releases, it was important for us to make a whiskey priced that all of our fans could try and that bartenders would want to use in everyday drinks," added Day.

The 80-proof Irish American Whiskey blend is smooth enough for shots and is blended with an award-winning American Rye to hold up in cocktails - a true utility whiskey.

"The three of us have come up with some of our best ideas and had some of our most memorable nights out together in unassuming rooms where great bartenders made us feel like a million bucks when we probably didn't have a hundred between us," said McElhenney, 

"That is the power of a great bar - when your favorite people are there, your favorite bartender is working, and a great song is playing. Nothing can beat that good time, and that's what Four Walls is all about."

As part of Howerton, McElhenney, and Day's upcoming live podcast tour, Philadelphia was able to have a first taste of Four Walls at the gang's recent performance at The Mann Center.

The tour hits New York City's Radio City Music Hall on October 12 and 13, where Four Walls will also be poured.

Just as the limited release donated proceeds to the bartending community, fans can shop the new Four Walls merchandise shop, where 100% of the proceeds of select items will benefit Tales of the Cocktail Foundation®, a non-profit that works to Educate, Advance, and Support the global cocktail community.