"Peaky Blinders" fans know that not only does Tommy Shelby and his entourage enjoy a glass of whiskey, but they know how to make it look good

"Peaky Blinders" is finally back on Netflix for its hotly-anticipated fifth season, and this season, like its predecessors, shows no shortage of whiskey flowing.

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Charles Thorp, writing for Uproxx, has analyzed and broken down just how Tommy Shelby, played by none other than Irish man Cillian Murphy, and his crew make drinking whiskey look so good.

Thorp notes: “Over the course of five seasons, the spirit has been used as a bonding tool, a negotiating tactic, a rite of passage, a romantic gesture, a family therapist, and, of course, a celebration ignitor.”

While "Peaky Blinders" is set in the 1920s, feelings about Irish whiskey and how and when it's used remain by and large the same, so if you're trying to drink whiskey like a Peaky Blinder, check out these tips:

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The whiskey: Irish, and neat

As opposed to Scotch, Thorp recommends drinking Irish whiskey, and who are we to argue? 

Thorp writes: “Set in the 1920s, a frequent question that comes up when someone orders whiskey is Scotch or Irish? The latter means the traditional whiskey that we are used to, and a smoother product because it is triple distilled, typically."

He adds: "By law, Irish whiskey is produced in Ireland and aged in wooden casks no less than three years. Distilleries in production back then still exist today, like Bushmills.”

But not just any whiskey order will do. Thorp points out that in the 1920s when "Peaky Blinders" is set, ice would have been considered a luxury perhaps unattainable by the gang in earlier seasons. As such, order your Irish whiskey neat.

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The company: anyone

Thorp says what most Irish people already know - there's no wrong person to share a glass of whiskey with.

Friends old and new, lovers, business partners, even adversaries - there's no problem that can't be solved with the sharing of a drink.

On "Peaky Blinders," no meeting is complete without a glass of whiskey. (IMDB)

On "Peaky Blinders," no meeting is complete without a glass of whiskey. (IMDB)

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The manner: sophisticated

While the plot line alone is gripping enough for the legions of "Peaky Blinders" fans, the sartorial choices in the show have launched new trends today.

Thorp recommends taking a nod from the Peaky Blinders' impeccable style while sipping Irish whiskey: “The Peaky Blinders upscale outfit of a three-piece suit, penny collar, flat cap, tie-pin, and pocket watch, just doesn’t seem complete without a hefty rocks glass. Not only that, but it gives you something to stare at intently while the light glistens in the brown elixir and you contemplate life’s curiosities.”

And of course, top it all off with an Irish toast, such as "Sláinte."

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Check out the trailer for the latest season of Peaky Blinders, which is streaming on Netflix:

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