Where in the world is your favorite place to have a pint of Guinness?

This month, IrishCentral is celebrating the best of Irish food and drink, and what’s better (or more Irish) than a perfectly poured pint of Guinness?

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Though born in Dublin, Guinness can be found pretty much in every corner of the globe these days. The Guinness Storehouse in Ireland's capital city is one of the country's most visited tourist attractions, and last year, Guinness opened a brewery in Baltimore in the US.

With Irish pubs in major cities from Belfast to New York City and nearly everywhere in between, you’re never too far from a pint of the black stuff.

Where in the world do you go for a pint of Guinness? (Getty Images)

Where in the world do you go for a pint of Guinness? (Getty Images)

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So, for this month’s Food Month here on IC, we want to know where your favorite place in the world is to get a pint of Guinness - sound off in our IC Readers Poll, below!

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