Say ‘Slainte!’ in these international Irish pubs

There's a little piece of Ireland to be found in some exotic places around the world, from Iraq to Argentina, from Russia to Cambodia.

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Top Irish pubs that are nowhere near Ireland

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If you're traveling, make sure you check out these Irish pubs that are nowhere near Ireland!

The Dublin, Argentina

Publiée par Dublinushuaia Dublin sur Dimanche 15 octobre 2017

One reviewer said of this Irish pub located in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego: "The Dubliner has a solid beer selection and a lively vibe. During our visit, it was packed with locals, trekkers, and Antarctic cruise passengers, and the cruise ship crews and guides soon filled the indoor and outdoor spaces. This is a good place if you are looking for a dive bar with character and lots of boisterous conversation."

O’Malley’s Irish Pub, Azerbaijan

Publiée par O'Malley's Irish Pub sur Mardi 14 mai 2019

One Irish reviewer wrote of this pub: "A great corner of Ireland in Baku.
Wonderful atmosphere with great beer and good music."

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The Dubliner, Bolivia

Publiée par The Dubliner sur Lundi 18 mars 2019

Located in the capital city of La Paz, The Dubliner is described by one TripAdvisor reviewer as "An unexpected little corner of Ireland in the high Andes."

Oh Neil’s, Cambodia

Publiée par Oh Neil's Irish Bar sur Vendredi 21 octobre 2016

One reviewer wrote of this pub located in Kampot: "An Irish bar is about the people, the atmosphere and the craic and Oh Neil's scores 10/10 for all 3."

The Irish Pub, Faroe Islands

The Irish Pub (, Facebook)

The Irish Pub (, Facebook)

One Irish reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote: "The decor, the food, and the atmosphere are exactly what to expect in an Irish pub. I was at home away from home."

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Tir na Nog, Indonesia

Publiée par Tir Na Nog Irish Bar - Gili sur Mercredi 17 octobre 2018

Nicknamed 'The Irish,' this pub in Gili Trawangan, Lombok boasts a tropical beachfront setting. 

The Dubliner, Iraq

Hello weekend! Thursday and Friday live music! The bridge band (Armen and Shivan) 9:30pm to 1:00am 0751 151 4094 07705000000 BOOK YOUR TABLE NOW!!

Publiée par The Dubliner Sulaymaniyah sur Mercredi 8 août 2018

Located inside the Millennium Kurdistan Hotel & Spa, The Dubliner says on its Facebook page that it is "THE Irish Pub in Sulaymaniyah. When we say THE, we mean it literally, we are in fact the only Irish Pub in town, google it."

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Healy Mac’s, Kuala Lumpur

Publiée par Healy Mac's (Irish Bar & Restaurant) sur Lundi 15 avril 2019

Healy Mac's, though located in a very touristy area of Kuala Lumpur, has become the meeting place for the local Irish community. This Irish pub offers native Asian food as well as Irish breakfasts, stews, and, of course, Guinness.

The Irish Pub, Nepal

Merry christmas and Happy new year to you all from top of the world. Have a good one :)

Publiée par Irish Pub Namche sur Vendredi 23 décembre 2016

One reviewer wrote on TripAdvisor of this pub: "The air may be thin however the atmosphere anything but. Chris the barman may be from Nepal but he captures what a great Irish barman is all about, quick with a joke and plenty of conversation."

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Lagos Irish Pub, Nigeria

Publiée par Lagos Irish Pub sur Mardi 21 mai 2019

Nigeria is one of the largest consumers of Guinness in the world, so it's no surprise that they have a bustling Irish pub in one of its busiest cities, Lagos.

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Paddy’s Irish Pub, Peru

Publiée par Paddys Irish Pub - Bar Cusco sur Mercredi 2 janvier 2019

Considered the "highest Irish-owned pub in the world," Paddy's Irish Pub was established in 1996 offers Irish staples such as Guinness, Jameson Whiskey and Irish coffee in addition to various on-tap ales.

Mollie’s Pub, Russia

One reviewer deemed Mollie's Pub as the "best Irish pub in Moscow." 

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Bubbles O’Leary’s, Uganda

Publiée par Bubbles O'Learys - Irish Pub - Kampala sur Mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Bubbles O'Leary's was founded by Co Wicklow native Nigel Sutton, who literally dismantled a pub in Ireland and shipped it to Africa to be rebuilt!

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