Everly Tatum "loves" Irish dance, her mom Jenna Dewan, who's an actress and professional dancer, reveals.

"She was always really obsessed with Ireland," proud mom Jenna Dewan recently told Access Hollywood about her daughter Evelyn, aka Evie.

"I know it sounds bizarre, but as a little kid, she loved Irish folklore.

"And Chan [Dewan's ex-husband Channing Tatum] is Irish, but it wasn't like a big thing in our house.

"We watched a movie called 'Riverdance,' and she said, 'Mom, please find me a dance class.

"So we found a dance class and it just took off, she loves it.

"She's winning medals and I'm back there cheering her, wearing a shirt that says 'Irish Dance Mom.'

"I was like, 'I'm officially a dance mom. It happened.'"

Back in January, Dewan told Kelly Clarkson how Evie has taken over her Spotify playlist with Irish dance music.

"My Spotify - she only listens to Celtic music! So my Spotify is like Celtic Woman, who, by the way, is amazing, I love them."

(In fact, last year, Dewan shared on Instagram that Evie got to meet Celtic Woman, her "idols.")

Dewan continued: "But it's also Irish jig music and the heavy jig..."

"But that's kind of happy music," Clarkson interjected.

"It's super happy," Dewan agreed, "but 15, 20 minutes in - Top 40? Anything?"

Elsewhere in their chat, Dewan told Clarkson that Evie had tried ballet and tap but "it wasn't looking good" before they discovered Irish dance.

"She loves it but it's hard," Dewan told People last year. "I'm so proud of her for keeping with it. She's picking it up real quick."

In December, Dewan shared some sweet snaps from Evie at a local feis, an Irish dance competition.

"And now I spend my birthday at Irish dance competitions," Dewan captioned her Instagram post, "and couldn’t be happier."

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