He has already played everybody’s favorite elf, Buddy, so donning a green suit to warn us about snakes this St. Patrick’s Day really wasn’t a stretch for actor Will Ferrell.

Appearing on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in 2015, Ferrell solemnly reminded us of the serious reason for our celebrations – St. Patrick’s banishment of snakes from Ireland.

“St Patrick's Day is a really serious holiday to me," he told Letterman. "We know of it as getting drunk and drinking green beer. But we forget in the 15th century, the real St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. So, every St. Patrick's Day, I put on my outfit and walk the streets of New York educating people on the dangers of snakes."

If you thought you’d escape Paddy’s Day revelries without a hint of 'Danny Boy’s' pipes calling, Ferrell hops in with his newly reworked rendition – “Danny Boy...Watch out for snakes,” outlining the no-go snake hiding holes in New York. I think we could have a "Danny Boy" revival on our hands. 

He was also joined by co-star of his latest movie, Kevin Hart, to send the Irish people some further good advice on staying sober this St. Patrick’s Day. With their perfect rendition of the Irish lingo, Ferrell and Hart could be mistaken for natives.

*Originally published in March 2015. 

Will Ferrell dresses as leprechaun to sing Danny Boy.Youtube