Saoirse Ronan has revealed she's become "genuine friends" with her "Foe" co-star, Co Kildare native Paul Mescal.

Ronan, the 29-year-old American-born actress, said during an interview with Document Journal that she'd become very close with Mescal while filming the upcoming sci-fi thriller in Australia last year.

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In the interview, Ronan chatted with Grace Coddington, who did the creative direction for Ronan's first Vogue photoshoot when the starlet was just 16.

As Document notes, Ronan, who is most recently based in London, grew up in Ardattin, Co Carlow, "just across the Irish Sea from Anglesey," the Welsh Island where Coddington grew up.

The two reunited this past St. Patrick's Day for the interview in which Coddington commented: "There were a lot of Irish people at the Oscars and things."

"I know. God forbid," Ronan, a four-time nominee herself, replied with a laugh.

"I’m so happy that they did so well this year. I love Martin McDonagh’s stuff, especially because he’s a sort of Plastic Paddy, so he has a more interesting take on Irish culture and Irish life.

"And then Paul Mescal, who’s a good friend of mine."

"I’m in love with him," Coddington said.

"Who isn’t?" Ronan said, before adding: "We did a film together at the beginning of last year in Australia, called 'Foe.'

"We knew each other sort of in passing before, just through friends.

"We’ve become very, very close since making the film. We’re genuine friends; we’re not Hollywood friends."

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Ronan, 29, and Mescal, 27, play married couple Junior and Hen in "Foe," which is set in the not-too-distant future after climate change has ravaged the planet.

Their lives are turned upside down when a stranger named Terrance (played by LaKeith Stanfield) arrives at their isolated farm and informs Junior he will be sent to a large experimental space station while his wife Hen will be left in the company of someone else.

The film, directed by Garth Davis, is an adaptation of the bestselling science fiction novel by Iain Reid.

"Foe," which was scooped up by Amazon Studios in 2021, is set to be released sometime this year.