“Foe,” the upcoming film starring Irish actors Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal, has been acquired by Amazon Studios for somewhere upward of $30 million, according to Deadline.

With both Ronan and Mescal on board, “Foe” already has considerable star power. Ronan, 27, has been nominated for an Oscar four times throughout her impressive career, while Mescal, 25, nabbed an Emmy nomination for his breakout role in “Normal People.”

Aaron Pierre will be replacing LaKeith Stanfield in the film that was among one of the “hot titles” at the Cannes market this year, Deadline additionally reports.

Filming is due to begin in Australia in early 2022 for the new movie based on author Iain Reid's sci-fi novel.

Deadline reports: “Foe is set in a near-future when corporate power and environmental decay are ravaging the planet. Junior (Mescal) and Hen (Ronan) are a young couple married seven years and living a solitary life on their isolated farm. 

“One night, a stranger named Terrance (Pierre) knocks on their door, bringing news that throws their lives into turmoil: Junior has been randomly selected to travel to a large, experimental space station orbiting Earth. The most unusual part? Arrangements have already been made so that when he leaves, Hen won’t have a chance to miss him, because she won’t be left alone — not even for a moment. Hen will have familiar company that pushes her to make a life-changing decision.”

Director and co-screenwriter Garth Davis is already singing the praises of the film's Irish stars. He told Deadline: “What I love about Saoirse is, you see her on-screen and she is just so unfiltered and alive. She represents to me all the things we need to protect in the world. Putting her in the belly of this suspenseful and uneasy story is the whole point. What she represents is precious, she’s an empath. She fights for the things we all should be fighting for. I was looking for an actress who just had those qualities, and that beauty.

“Paul Mescal, he is just a normal guy and you believe he’s married to her and that they come from the same part of the world, which they do in reality. I buy them as a rural couple.”