From the funny to the downright offensive, we've seen many variants of the St. Patrick's Day t-shirt, but are these the worst ever?

If you're celebrating St. Patricks Day you can't beat some old paddywhackery to get you in the mood, but some of these tops could make you cry just as fast as they make you laugh! 

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We've tracked down some of the worst St. Patrick's Day t-shirt's available for sale.

"Keep Calm & Leprechaun"

The "Keep Calm & [Insert Verb Here]" meme is probably the most worn out (pardon the pun) t-shirt ever created and this version will hardly bring it back into fashion any time soon.

What's more, does it even make sense!?

"I Leprecan't Even"

No, we can't! Priced at a $14.99 and available from Target, this is a real headscratcher because, well, we just don't really get it.

The sales pitch says: "Whether you're going to a St. Patrick's Day parade or just adding festive style to your normal routine, this graphic tee is perfect for any day you have planned."

Thanks, but no thanks.

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"But First, "

"The perfect tee for St. Patrick's Day, it can be worn long after the celebration is over with any style of bottoms for versatile wear."

If it can be worn long after St. Patricks Day then, well, it really isn't a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt! In fact, we're not sure what kind of t-shirt it is at all.

"Men's Lucky Leprechaun"

There's just so much going on with this t-shirt that we're not even sure where to begin.

Amazingly, this hybrid of a three-piece suit, with a belt and some pants to "boot," is a winner on Amazon, earning four stars from 30 customer reviews.

We're not convinced.

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"0% Irish"

"No Irish ancestry? No problem. Tell it like it is as you have the time of your life with this long-sleeve tee." 

What can we say but, there's always one party pooper. Look, on St. Patricks Day everyone is Irish, or at least pretends to be, so just get with the program!

On sale for a pricey $24.99, at least Amazon gives you the choice of five different colors.

Top marks for being a spoiler!

Don't be too disheartened though, we've also compiled a list of "Genuinely awesome St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts that make up for all the crap."

How do you feel about the worst St.Patricks Day t-shirts? Have you got any we missed? Let us know in the comments below.