St Patrick's Day t-shirts that don't have all the tacky or green overkill! 

IrishCentral readers have made it very clear that enough is enough with the insulting St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts, with 78% voting in a poll in 0216 that it’s time to stop the sale of offensive Paddy’s Day merchandise.

But when so many of the novelty t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day either peg the Irish as drunks, incorrectly abbreviate St. Patrick’s Day as “Patty’s Day” or, worse, “Pattie’s Day,” or feature four-leafed clovers instead of shamrocks (or even Donald Trump's lumpy visage), it can start to look like slim pickings.

Here’s a selection of Irish-themed shirts ranging from classy to cool to hilariously tacky. And the best part is you can feel good about wearing them.

Have you purchased or do you have your eye on any Paddy’s Day shirts that also fit the bill? Let us know in the comment section below. We’re always on the lookout for good Irish swag!

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Ah here! T-shirt from SíosBóx, $19.99

It’s one of the best distinctly Irish turns of phrase, so “Ah here!” definitely deserves its own t-shirt. This is one of many 100% cotton winners from SíosBóx, a San Francisco-based company specializing in Irish attire.

All Irish are related from SíosBóx, $19.99

What more needs to be said. If you're the one wearing all the tacky merch this St. Patrick's Day, we can guarantee that this tshirt it referring to you. 

Cliffs of Moher T-shirt from Zazzle, $42.35

This one is by far the priciest of the lot, but look at the quality of that graphic! The shirt’s simple black and white design nicely offsets the image of the famous Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most beautiful vistas and most popular attractions.

Irish American flag shirt from Zazzle, $17.90

Looking for a way to display not just your Irish pride but also your Irish American pride on Paddy’s Day? This is the shirt for you.

Camogie T-shirts, $19.99

Show some appreciation for Irish national sports and to the incredible women who play them with this camogie top. 

Star Wars St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts from Groupon, from $12.97

Star Wars madness has in no way ended since The Force Awakens premiered in November, and let’s not forget the film had a special Irish connection, with the pivotal last scene filmed on the mysterious Co. Kerry island of Skellig Michael. These shirts, on special offer from Groupon for the next few days, allow you to kill two birds with one stone, confirming yourself as a Star Wars fan and a proud Irish person at the same time.

Super funny T-shirt from All Time Teez on Etsy, $15.45

Read it. Read it again. Say it out loud. Are you laughing yet? This t-shirt is a subtle bit of hilarity.

Leprechaun video game graphic T-Shirt from Walmart, $4.88

This is a cute video game inspired tee for any kid into gaming. Plus, the message prizing skills over luck is actually quite positive! 

Father Ted Tea Appreciation Tee, $19.99

Show some love for both Father Ted and the brilliance that is a grand cup of tea this St. Patrick's Day. 

 *Originally published in March 2016.