A priest at an Irish wedding ceremony created a special moment to remember for one bride and groom

Fr John O’Gorman was marrying Rois Lydon and Paudie Mannion in Co. Galway when he encouraged the wedding party to get up and dance in the church.

As Jimmy Buckley’s Your Wedding Day plays during the ceremony, Fr O’Gorman partners up the bride with her father to take a quick waltz down the aisle, much to the delight of the wedding guests.

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He then partners up the groom with the mother of the bride, the groom’s parents, and finally the bridal party, The Irish Post reports.

Fr O’Gorman himself eventually joins in with the dance, sweeping the mother of the bride off her feet for a whirl.

In the end, he concludes that “If you can dance in a hotel, you can dance in a church.”

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Make My Day Productions captured the unforgettable moment and posted it on Facebook where it has gone viral with over 571k views.

Irish priest goes viral after making newlywed couple have firs...

Why wait til the reception? Irish priest goes viral after making newlywed couple have first dance at church (Credit: Facebook/Make My Day Productions)

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