New Yorker Brian Sheehan is among the 13 bachelors from throughout Ireland, the United States and the UK and will do their best this weekend to entertain the celebrity judges. 

Final preparations are being made for the Westmeath Bachelor Festival, which takes place in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath this weekend.

Thirteen contestants from throughout Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom will be doing their best to impress the celebrity judges in the sold-out Westmeath Bachelor Competition. From musicians to surgeons, the judges will have the opportunity to interview each finalist, to find out more about what makes them tick and why they should be crowned The Westmeath Bachelor 2022.

Louis Walsh, Doireann Garrihy, Anne Doyle, and Nathan Carter line up as the
the celebrity judging panel for the Westmeath Bachelor Festival, which will take place on Sun, May 1, at The Mullingar Arts Centre. The night has been dubbed as a modern twist on the classic Rose of Tralee format, but this time it’s time for the men to shine.

Among the hopeful bachelors is Brian Sheehan, a New Yorker with strong Irish roots who thinks he's up to the task. The Festival states "We were excited when we received Brian Sheehan's entry as not only does he seem to be an exceptional human being, he is coming all the way from New York!!"

Sheehan said "It was actually my Mom’s idea. She grew up close to Mullingar and kept in touch with a couple of her childhood friends. They told her about this festival and she told me. It seemed like a fun and interesting experience so I couldn't resist.

"I haven't been over in Ireland in almost seven years now and this seemed like the perfect reason to go back and learn more about my culture and where my family came from. I want to have as many adventures in my life as possible and this would be one I would regret not trying."

When asked if he thought he could be the next Westmeath Bachelor, Sheehan replied: "All the contestants seem like a great bunch so I'm sure the judges will have a hard time deciding, but I'd like to think I have a good shot at being the next Westmeath Bachelor.

"Being the only one from America, I'll be more of an 'exotic' choice which I think will help me stand out a little more. My talent piece will also be just as unique and I think it will blow the crowd away. I can also help bring the festival to an international level as I already have the connections of living in NY where so many Irish people have come to live over the years and I would love to see this blow up to bigger and better levels."

Across the May Day Bank Holiday this weekend (April 29th – May 1st) in the lead up to the competition, a number of concerts in Blackhall Place, Mullingar will take place with performances from Gavin James, The Academic, The Blizzards, FLYNN, The Whistlin’ Donkeys and Nathan Carter to name a few.

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