Send a potato to your sweet potato this year for Valentine's Day.

Stuck for a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Why not send your special someone a potato on February 14.

Yes, a potato!

There are now several online services that help you personalize a message to send on a potato to the person of your choice.

Don’t bore your Valentine this year with candy, flowers, or jewelry - a potato valentine’s message is sure to catch not only their attention but also their heart.

We hope that everyone received a package this Vday as "Sweet" as this one 

Publiée par sur Mercredi 15 février 2017

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit shy this Valentine’s Day season? Some services even let you send an anonymous potato to that special someone.

But if you want to get personal, you can send written messages on the potato, or you can even upload pictures to be printed on the potato.

Some of the online sites that will help you send a potato for Valentine’s Day are Potato Transit, Potato Parcel, and Anonymous Potato.

Watch this video from Potato Parcel about how it all got started!:

Would you send a potato for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments!

* Originally published in Feb 2019.