For 2021, Old Moore’s Almanac is predicting for normal life to resume by late summer, while virtual reality will be on the up!

Old Moore’s Almanac is a centuries-old publication that was first published by Theophilus Moore, the "Irish Merlin," in Ireland in 1764.

At the time, Moore ran a classical academy at Milltown which was then a village near Dublin (since that time, it has been incorporated into the city). A teacher of Irish, English, Greek, and Latin, he became known as a clever mathematician and a wizard of astrology, gaining the nickname 'The Irish Merlin'. 

Moore is now buried in the Drumcondra Churchyard, in Dublin, but the tradition of Old Moore's Almanac continues unbroken to this day.

Famous for its predictions of future events, it receives great news coverage for its accuracy. Old Moore’s Almanac has the highest circulation of any Irish magazine and in 2020, it enjoyed unprecedented media coverage due to its pandemic prediction. 

You might be a bit of a skeptic, but check out just some of the predictions the Old Moore’s Almanac got right for 2020:

An unusual virus has us worried. (Plus, our psychic’s 2019 predictions included this warning: there is a risk of a viral pandemic in the second half of the year). 
More and more people will work from home. 

Trump will not serve a second term, but he doesn’t go quietly. 

The Democrats will nominate Joe Biden for the presidential race.

A global recession is coming. (Both the IMF and OECD project a global recession for 2020 due to coronavirus shutdowns).

Death of a Hollywood icon (Kirk Douglas died in February). 

Financial problems for Johnny Depp. (Depp owes millions after losing his libel case and will no longer star in ‘Fantastic Beasts’).

A baby for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Also, Princesses Meghan and Kate will announce pregnancies in 2020. (Perry gave birth to a girl in August. Meghan revealed her miscarriage).

Brexit still dominating the political agenda in 2020 as the saga continues to trundle along.

Irish election in 2020, the Greens will hold the key to power.

Further scandal for Prince Andrew and the Royal Family. (In 2020, we learned that the Prince faces legal proceedings over a £5m debt and his charitable trust made unlawful payments to a former trustee. Plus, his break from royal duties became permanent).

A plane crash in Europe makes the headlines. (In January, Ukrainian flight PS752 was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian military, killing 176 people).

A major earthquake causes loss of life. (A 7.0 magnitude quake hit Turkey and Greece in October, killing 118)

The front cover of Old Moore's Almanac 2021.

The front cover of Old Moore's Almanac 2021.

It's pretty wild, right?! Well now, let's see what the Old Moore's Almanac thinks is in store for Ireland in 2021:

Life slowly returns to normal and by late summer, we’re over the worst. Hugs, foreign travel, live music, and standing at the bar in your local – it’s all coming back in 2021.

Irish scientists make international news with a COVID-related breakthrough.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin faces a leadership challenge.

The country is divided when a celebrity is caught breaking lockdown.

Housing is a huge issue once again.

We’re all getting stuff delivered by drones.

Drought is likely in May or June as the country sizzles.

An Irish bank is caught up in an international fraud. 

And for the world at large?

Protests and violence on British streets as the impact of Brexit becomes clear.
Trump becomes less relevant and spends the next few years desperately trying to avoid prison. Melania makes a break for freedom.

Wedding bells for Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton.

Pregnancy announcements from Lily Allen and Khloe Kardashian.

Low vaccine uptake in Europe and the U.S. threatens the pandemic recovery effort. Anti-vaccine protests are countered by opposing sides demanding mandatory vaccination.

Light at the end of the tunnel for long-Covid sufferers as researchers make new discoveries.

A train crash in Europe brings loss of life.

Following the Scottish elections, Nicola Sturgeon seeks a referendum on independence, but her plans hit a stumbling block.

A freak weather event in Italy.

Winter 2021/2022 is a stormy one for Europe, with less snow than usual. 

Tragic outcomes in Belarus as police and protesters clash.

Macron battles to keep his head amid public anger in France. 

In Europe, forest fires are burning in an unusual place.

A tense stand-off in the Baltic region, war is narrowly avoided. 

Xi Jinping faces trouble from within.

An unfortunate accident in the South China Sea threatens the stability of the region. 

A government-sponsored kidnapping makes the news. 

World powers make fresh attempts to reach peace in Syria. 

Travel is about to get easier with earbuds that can translate foreign languages.

Airships are making a comeback.

Augmented reality and virtual reality go mainstream.

Nostalgia is big in 2021 as we crave a return to simpler times. 

A big, corporate fraud scandal is revealed. 

Personalized shopping is coming – soon, we will customize our clothes as we order them.

So, what do you make of the Old Moore’s Almanac? Do you believe there's something to their psychic's predictions? Let us know in the comment section below.