Johnny Depp’s since been dumped from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise and undoubtedly other work offers are shaky, but one thing he can count on is support from his Irish rocker pal Shane MacGowan, frontman for The Pogues.

Shane posted a video on his wife Victoria Mary Clarke’s Instagram page pledging his total backing for Johnny, who recently produced a documentary on Shane’s life and wild times. Shane and Victoria are Team Johnny all the way, and her Instagram is full of pro-Depp content.

“Those bastards lying about you in The Sun…it’s a pity they got the wrong idea about you…rock on, you’re above all that s***. Love you Johnny,” said Shane in kind of garbled English.

Victoria says there’s no way Johnny would lay a hand on a woman.  “I love and respect this man so much because he is so good to people, not just to his friends but also to strangers and he is always so grateful and so gracious and warm and appreciative of the people who admire his work and who come to see him. I don’t know anyone else who is so genuinely respectful of other human beings,” she wrote.

“I know that he was systematically abused physically and emotionally as a child but he forgives and he keeps his heart open and he is unbelievably compassionate and good humored and patient and loyal and he loves to create beautiful work and he loves to bring joy to peoples lives in the way that he lives his life.

"He is not a saint he is a human being but he is a gentle soul and I feel tremendously grateful to be his friend because he is so uplifting and encouraging to be around. I have faith that he will not only get through his current challenges but he will rise above them and continue to be a force for compassion and joy and creativity in this world.”