Skiffle won the Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition using music from 'The Lord of the Dance'

An Irish dancing dog has won at the annual Crufts show competition ahead of St. Patrick’s Day in March 2019.

Coined ‘The World’s Greatest Dog Show,’ Crufts is an annual competition in the UK run by The Kennel Club that features dog competitions and a trade show.

On March 7, Lucy Creek and her 8-year-old Border Collie named Skiffle took the stage as the reigning champions of the Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition.

This year, they treated fans at Crufts to a remarkable routine that followed music from Michael Flately’s smash-hit Irish dance show ‘Lord of the Dance.’

Opening the scene, Skiffle mimics the Spirit character from the Irish dance show, and is even featured holding a tin whistle!

Not surprisingly, Creek and Skiffle took home the award in the Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition, beating out nine other entrants.

Creek said: “'I love hearing that roar of the crowd! Crufts is a chance to see all your friends in the doggy crowd.”

“It's great to be able to see how all the dogs are getting on and being able to meet up with everyone is absolutely fantastic!”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented: “Congratulations to Lucy and Skiffle for their impressive routines. They were both of the highest standard and demonstrated the patience, skill, and dedication needed from both the dog and the handler.”

“Heelwork to music is a challenging activity that demands a lot of time and talent to perfect. Skiffle and Lucy are a great example and inspiration for any dog owners out there who are interested in taking part in this fun and rewarding activity.”

Watch their incredible routine here: