Hannah Redlich time travels to the 1920s in her latest Irish dancing video

Irish dancer Hannah Redlich is ushering in the new decade in her latest video ‘Reely Swingin’ - 1920s Irish Dance.’

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Shared on YouTube on New Year’s Eve, Redlich merges tap dance and Irish dance in the video that has been viewed more than four thousand times in just under four days.

Redlich writes: “It's the 20's again, and I couldn't help but put an Irish twist on an homage to the silent film era.  

“So, grab your giggle juice, get those getaway sticks a-movin', and join me in this flapper fun.”

Redlich also notes: "I'm wearing tap shoes. They looked better with the outfit. The sole of the shoe may be tap, but the soul of the dance is Irish, I assure you."

The talented Irish dancer has choreographed a number of other inventive performances that she’s shared on her YouTube channel, including the Christmas-themed ‘Carol of the Elves,’ a video inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Nancy Mulligan,” as well as a new take on “River dance.”

Check out Redlich’s video here:

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