Innovative Irish dance troupe Fusion Fighters teamed up with Mitchell Music to create “The Amazon Artists” featuring Celtic Woman Chloe Agnew. 

A new Irish dance and music campaign is joining with the Rainforest Trust to protest against global deforestation through videos highlighting the importance of the natural world. 

Popular Irish dance group Fusion Fighter joined with Mitchell Music and Celtic Woman’s Chloe Agnew to form “The Amazon Artists,” creating a video showcasing Irish dance, music, and song being performed in nature.

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The first video features both Agnew and a range of other international performers. The first in a series of videos can be watched here:  

The Amazon Artists

To protest against deforestation, innovative Irish dance troupe Fusion Fighters teamed up with Mitchell Music to create The Amazon Artists featuring Celtic Woman's Chloe Agnew. Read more about the project here: What do you make of the video?

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Fusion Fighters first put out the call for videos last week and were inundated with performers wishing to take part in the campaign. 

“Hopefully, we can make a difference even if it being a small one,” said Fusion Fighters leader Chris Naish. 

“Fusion Fighters are known now for these types of campaigns and getting artists to join together at difficult times like these, especially when it's something that affects us all and the future of the planet we live on so we couldn't sit there and do nothing.

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“We decided to team up with Rainforest Trust so our followers and audience of the videos can contribute to the list of Urgent Appeals they have worldwide. We thought this was important as our followers would remind us it's not just the Amazon this is happening to.”

The second video was also just released! Take a look here: 

The Amazon Artists II

Irish dance at the heart of nature! Thanks to The Amazon Artists for this incredible video. You can read more about their campaign to combat deforestation here:

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