Ireland is a land of many dialects and colloquialisms, which is no different when it comes to the language of love. 

There are many different words and expressions commonly used to describe sex and kissing throughout Ireland.

Here are some of the most frequent that anyone living in Ireland simply needs to know!


Arguably the most common of all words to describe French kissing, shifting is used across the length and breadth of Ireland.  The word is commonly associated with Copper Face Jacks, a Dublin nightclub notorious for the activity. 


Meet means exactly the same as shift, but is not as widespread. The word is most frequently heard in the Midlands, where the question "will you meet my friend?" was once the staple of any disco event. 


Found as far away as Mayo and Waterford, feek is another way of describing a French kiss. 

To wear/eat the face off someone

Not the most romantic way of describing a, shall we say "enthusiastic,"  kiss on the dancefloor. 


Another expression to describe a kiss, score has increased in popularity in recent years. 

To get the ride

Commonly associated with getting the shift in Coppers, getting the ride is a crude and very Irish way of describing sex. Similarly, to call someone a ride is to call them good-looking. 

Get with

An expression that could mean kissing or something more depending on the context. 


A distinctly Cork expression used to describe going on a date with someone. 

What's your favorite word or expression to describe sex or kissing? Let us know in the comments below!