Have you ever wondered how to text in the Irish language?

Thankfully Conradh na Gaelige, the democratic forum for the Irish-speaking community, shared Irish language versions of some of the most frequently used 'text speak.'

Speaking to Newstalk’s Breakfast show Aodhan O’Dea, of Conradh na Gaelige, gave a list of popular Irish translations of modern phrases. Here are just some of the phrases mentioned by O'Dea:

  • LMFAO (laughing my ass off)- ABMTAG (Ag briseadh mo thóin ag gáire)
  • LOL (laugh out loud)- GOA (gáire ós árd)
  • ROFL (rolling round the floor laughing) - RTUG Rolladh timpeall an urlair ag gáire
  • OMG (Oh my God) - OMD (Ó Mo Dhia)
  • YOLO  (You Only Live Once) – NASAA (Níl ach saol amháin agat)
  • Skank- Striapach/ Striap
  • Totes (Totally) - Cinnte Winnte
  • Whatevs (Whatever) -   Cadever
  • Soz  (Sorry)-   Brónsies
  • Tnks (Thanks)  - Grma- Go raibh maith agat
  • Tn (Tonight)  - An8- Anocht
  • Wer r u? (Where are you?) - Cá wil 2?- Cá bhfuil tú?

Irish continues to be a language many people connect to and feel passionate about. In June an ambitious five-year plan was launched to create new jobs and protest Irish language communities in Gaeltacht regions throughout Ireland. 

Irish language speaker Ciara Ní É shared this handy YouTube video about Irish language text abbreviations:

* Originally published in 2012. Updated in August 2022.