Tudder looks to make cattle matchmaking easier for farmers

Tudder, a new UK-based app, is helping Irish cattle find their mates.

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Tudder takes its cue from the wildly popular Tinder, a dating app that lets users swipe through potential love matches.

Hectare Agritech, the creators of Tudder, said in a press release: “Through Tudder, farmers can take on the role of moo-pid, and use their smartphones to swipe right for yes and left for no in the search for the perfect match.”

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“Using the app, you will first have to indicate whether they’re looking for breeding cows for their bulls or vice versa. The new app features real animals which are currently for sale on the site.”

“Once you’ve made a match, you can click the eye icon to be redirected to SellMyLivestock where you can view more pictures, further info and contact the vendor to purchase.”

The app was, naturally, launched on February 14 to mark every matchmaker’s favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day.

#Tudder has gone global!
The country that has the most app downloads will be where we launch next! pic.twitter.com/AeYrlLLPE4

— SellMyLivestock (@sellmylivestock) February 13, 2019

Co-founder Jamies McInnes said: “Traditionally, playing moo-pid for cows would require proper grafting: visiting each herd of hopefuls at different farms, or at an auction market, all the while running the risk that the best cow on the market has simply slipped past you.”

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“And while this is a bit of fun on Valentine’s Day, it highlights how relevant online matchmaking is for farmers looking for breeding livestock. Buying breeding cattle is now enabled by a huge amount of genetic data to create the perfect match. This is the equivalent to a human online dating profile, except it is validated in science rather than a self proclaimed GSOH.”

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The Digital Journal reports that heifers from Co Cork have already been spotted on the app looking for their match.

Less than a month after it’s launch, Tudder has a 4.8 rating on the iTunes app store.

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