They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so show your appreciation on Father's Day and treat Dad to a delicious dish!

IrishCentral has narrowed down our favorite treats to spoil all the Dads this Father’s Day.

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Full Irish Breakfast on Father's Day

Now all families are different and if your clan is of the early bird variety and plans on seeing Dad at the dawn, why not bring him for (or make him) a traditional full Irish breakfast.

Nothing says "Irish Dad" quite like the age-old classic and the full Irish breakfast is the perfect way to start the day, keeping him chirpy (and full) throughout his day!

Some of the top essentials to a proper full Irish breakfast include:

  • Irish sausage
  • Irish bacon or "rashers"
  • Black pudding, or blood pudding
  • A fried egg 
  • Baked beans 
  • Fried mushrooms and tomatoes
  • Brown bread
  • Hash brown
  • Black pudding
  • A cup of hot, freshly-brewed tea

The Georgine Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards celebrate the finest Irish food producers in the land and those that take particular pride in serving the best Irish breakfast. 

Winners of the 2019 Irish Breakfast Awards include the Park Hotel, Kenmare, Co Kerry which won Best Irish Breakfast in the five-star hotel category, and Breac House, Dunganaghy, Co Donegal which won Best Irish Breakfast Menu. 

You could also test his mettle by treating him to probably the largest Irish breakfast in the whole of Ireland, all 3,500 calories of it in Co. Westmeath!

Or if you're stateside, why not check out “Swing the Teapot” in Floral Park on the Queens/Long Island border, New York. 

Brunch of Father's Day

Do Dads do brunch? They will after seeing some of these tasty selections from some of Ireland's top chefs!

How about Irish breakfast potato cakes, bacon, eggs, and mojo sauce from Chef Nevin Maguire?

Or check out fellow Chef Michael Gilligan's ultimate eggs benedict and delicious hollandaise sauce recipes.

Eggs Benedict. Image: iStock

Eggs Benedict. Image: iStock

And how about topping it all off with some Nutella French toast roll-ups from Chef Stuart O'Keefe?

Winner of Best Brunch at the 2019 Irish Breakfast Awards was The Fumbally, Dublin.

The Sunday Irish roast

Father's Day always falls on a Sunday and the traditional Irish roast is always a winner and a great way of ensuring all the family is sitting around the table!

So what's in a traditional Sunday Irish roast?

  • Slices of roast Irish beef
  • Mashed and/or roast potatoes,
  • "Sunday peas" - also known as marrowfat peas are green mature peas that have been dried out naturally in a field, rather than be harvested whilst still young like the normal garden peas.
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts

What's the key difference to an Irish roast...?? Well, it's in the gravy! Especially Bisto gravy which has been an Irish favorite for many years.

If the Sunday roast isn't to his liking, there are plenty of alternatives including an Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, or shepherd's pie.

Irish fish and chips

What Dad can resist a trip down to the local chipper for some good ol' fashion fish n' chips - but don't forget the peas!

Whether it’s from Dino's in Kinsale Co Cork, Dublin’s famous shop Leo Burdocks or this recipe straight from St. James’ Gate, fish n chips will always put a smile on Dad's face. 

Tasty Irish desserts

We can't let Dad survive the whole of Father's Day without a deserving dessert and there are plenty of Irish favorites that are sure to hit the spot!

It's summer and there’s something definitively summery about rhubarb crumble. Rhubarb is a distinctive ingredient and filled into a sweet crumble tart topped with some custard or vanilla ice cream is the perfect follow-up to a summer meal.

One look at this Bailey’s chocolate chip ice cream pie and it may not even get as far as Dad's table!

Or instead of a pint of Guinness, why not try this Guinness and ice cream milkshake!

One for the road? How about a small whiskey dessert to cap off a special day. Try these miniature cherry-flavored cheesecakes made with a shot of Irish whiskey!

What type of treats will you be serving up to your Dad this Father's Day?
Let us know in the comments below!

*Originally posted June 2019. Updated in June 2022