Marie Desevedavy reflects on her first ever full Irish breakfast while in Dublin

In Dublin, a French woman recently tried her first ever full Irish breakfast, and the results are about as expected.

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Marie Desevedavy, a native of France, described her first time having a full Irish breakfast for The Irish Mirror.

She says: “In France, we usually have a hot drink, juice, bread with butter or/and jam, or cereals or cakes including the well-known croissant, with or without jam, a pain au chocolat or a pain aux raisins.”

A French breakfast (Getty Images)

A French breakfast (Getty Images)

The French woman says her idea of a full Irish breakfast included “fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages, yoghurt with fruits, a hot drink, and a juice.”

She wasn’t too far off!

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One Sunday while in Dublin, Desevedavy ventured to a restaurant nearby to St. Stephen’s Green to try a proper Irish fry up.

St. Stephen's Green in Dublin (Ireland's Content Pool)

St. Stephen's Green in Dublin (Ireland's Content Pool)

“Three thick slices of brown bread and butter were arranged on the left, while, on the other side of the board, an oven dish was filled with the baked eggs, covered by bacon and sausages.”

“It seemed really tasty and smelled good.”

Desevedavy admits that at first, she wasn’t sure if she was going to find the meal filling enough.

However, she quickly learned how mistaken she was! “When I finished eating, I was full like never before, being unused to the salty fried food.”

A full Irish breakfast (Ireland's Content Pool)

A full Irish breakfast (Ireland's Content Pool)

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“It was really good, and I strongly recommend to have an Irish breakfast, once.”

She adds that she doesn’t think she could have a full Irish breakfast every day, not even weekly or monthly.

Hoping to aid in her digestion, Desevedavy embarked on a brisk hour-long walk to Dublin’s famous Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park (Getty Images)

Phoenix Park (Getty Images)

“It was the hardest walk I have ever had - I felt really heavy.”

Despite feeling so full, Desevedavy says she’ll gladly enjoy another full Irish breakfast again in the future.

“The food in Ireland is wonderful, I'm glad I have a chance to experience it.”

Where's your favorite place to have an Irish breakfast? Let us know in the comments!

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