IrishCentral writer Mark Farrelly gives his reasons why Cavan is the best county to visit in Ireland.

From hosting Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann three years in a row to the local's unique sense of humor, there's a lot to love about Cavan.

1. Bailieborough is the most romantic town in Ireland

'Ye heard me! For years, us Cavan folk have had to put up with constant chastising about being tight with our money, our lack of romance, our inability to woo women – and we've had to carry the burden of a stereotype that paints us more like Cearrbhach Mac Cába than Casanova.

Well in your face begrudgers! More Valentine's gifts, chocolates, and general love stuff are bought in the Tesco branch of Bailieborough than in any other Tesco in Ireland.

2. We did a damn good job of hosting the Fleadh

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann is an internationally recognized traditional Irish cultural event that also showcases traditional music, concerts, céilithe, parades, pageants, pub and street music sessions. 

For three glorious years, tourists flocked to Cavan for the Fleadh, where we saw all sorts of entertainment; like this...

3. We love our sport

Even our priests are GAA mad. That's Fr Kevin Fay sprinting across the pitch in celebration.

4. No matter where you are in Cavan, you're only ever 10 yards away from an Ulster u21 medallist

Speaking of Gaelic football – the future is bright, the future is blue!

5. Lots of famous people are connected to Cavan

Retired American football quarterback Tom Brady's great grandfather, Ronan Keating's father, Jedward's granny...The list goes on and on.

6. Even Elton John knows about Cavan

Cavan native rockers The Strypes signed with Elton John's record label, putting them steady on the course to fame. The "Rocket Man" singer has said of the Cavan quartet: "They have a knowledge of R&B and blues at 16 years of age that I have only amassed in my 65 years. They're just like a breath of fresh air."

7. We're not Navan

8. Seriously though...

This is Cavan

* Originally published in 2016. Updated in May 2023.