Everything you need to know about the Irish surname O'Hara - its meaning, origins, interesting facts, and famous people with the last name O'Hara.

Irish derivation of O'Hara:

Ó hEaghra

O'Hara name meaning:

"Descendant of Eaghra."

Counties associated with the name O'Hara:


O'Hara coat of arms motto:

"Virtute et claritate" or 'by virtue or by clarity.'

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O'Hara name history:

The name O’Hara has held a distinguished place in Ireland for centuries. The current spelling is an anglicized pronunciation of the original Irish Ó hEaghra, meaning “descended from Eaghra” (rhymes with “Tara”).

Bearers of the name are believed to be the generational offspring of 10th century Irish chief Eaghra (d. 976), who governed the areas around today’s Leyny, County Sligo. The clan was a branch of the family of Olioll Ollum, who was king of Munster.

The stalwart O’Haras divided into two separate groups around 1350, with one remaining in the Sligo/ Leitrim border region and the other migrating east to the Route, County Antrim – the two locations in Ireland where the name is still most commonly held today. The name first appeared in writing in 1585 in the Composition Book of Connacht, a directory of contemporary Irish clans and their landholdings.

Interesting facts about the Irish name O'Hara: 

 - The family is descended from Gaelic royalty. 

Some famous O’Haras:

 - George O'Hara (1899-1966, American actor and screenwriter)

 - Maureen O'Hara (1920-2015, Irish actress)

 - Paige O'Hara (1956-, American singer and actress)

 - Pat O'Hara (1968-, American football player, coach)

 - Patsy O'Hara (1957-1981, Irish Republican hunger striker)

 - Frank O'Hara (1926-1966, American poet)

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* Originally published in August 2016. Updated in September 2022.