Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Moran - its meaning, origins, interesting facts and famous people with the last name Moran.

Irish derivation or Moran:


Name meaning of Moran:

"Descendant of the big one."

Counties associated with the name Moran:


Coat of arms motto for Moran:

“Lucent in tenebris” (meaning "they shine in darkness")

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Interesting facts about the Irish family Moran:

 - Denis Moran is the first recorded Moran to settle in America when he came to what would later become South Carolina in 1672.

Some famous Morans:

 - Dylan Moran (1971-, Irish comedian, actor, writer)

 - Charles Francis "Frank" Moran (1887-1967, American actor and boxer)

 - Jackie Moran (1923-1990, American Actor)

 - Bugs Moran (1891–1957, Chicago Prohibition-era gangster)

 - Caitlin Moran (1975-, Journalist and novelist)

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