Honor the Irish women in your life by planting an Irish Heritage Tree in her name, a unique gift of a native tree that will exist for generations to come.

St. Brigid stands alongside St. Patrick as the female patron saint of Ireland, and to many “Muire na n Gael”, the Mary of the Irish.  Brigid, is not only a blessed figure, but her name is forever linked in ancient Celtic lore to the goddess Brigid, the deity of healing, metalsmith, and poetry. The significance of her name embodies the essence of many facets of the story of Ireland.  

The tale of St. Brigid lives deep in the heart of Ireland, and her spirit as a woman known for her courage, wisdom, generosity, and compassion are echoed in the soul of the Irish woman today. As a saint and a goddess, she is Ireland, in history and herstory.

The Irish Heritage Tree program was created to celebrate the richness of the true heart of the Irish people and we propose that the feast of St. Brigid be the perfect day to honor women, the life of that woman who matters in the foundation of your life – be it mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, teacher, or best friend.

We offer a  distinctive and original way to tell her that she is appreciated, never to be forgotten, by gifting her the living symbol of your love and esteem by planting an Irish Heritage Tree in her name in the land her ancestry calls home.  A native tree rooted in Irish soil, giving shade and comfort, a tree that gives of itself as she has done for you, existing for generations to come.

St. Brigid’s Day is full of customs and folklore, and now the Irish Heritage Tree adds a new tradition,  as a  tribute to that special breed of the  Irish women in our lives by gracing her with a gift reflecting her Irish nature, set in the natural glory of Ireland’s landscape.  This St. Brigid’s Day present will be cherished and the framed personalized certificate will become a beloved family keepsake.

Purchase Irish Heritage Tree this St. Brigid's Day to celebrate the special women in your life.

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