Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Quinn

Irish derivation: Ó Cuinn.

Name meaning: "Descendant of Conn (chief)."

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Counties associated with the name: Tyrone, Cavan, Antrim, Clare, Longford

Coat of arms motto: "I wish to see wisdom from above."

Interesting Facts:  

- Families of O'Quinn settled in France and became leading citizens both in Bordeaux and Pau. There is a street called Rue O'Quinn in Bordeaux, indicating the importance of the family, which is still extant in that part of France.

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Famous Quinns:

  • Aidan Quinn (1959-, Irish American actor)
  • Anthony Quinn, (1915–2001, Mexican-American actor)
  • Colin Quinn (1959-, American actor and comedian)
  • Jonny Quinn (1972-, drummer for Snow Patrol)
  • Sean Quinn (1947-, former richest man in Ireland)
  • Niall Quinn (1966-, Irish footballer)
  • Walter Quin (1575-1634, the Dublin born poet who was tutor and lifelong associate of Charles I)
  • James Quin (1693-1766, famous actor of Irish descent who was greatly admired as the best actor of his time on the London stage) 

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