Ronald Reagan was a proud Irish American when March 17 rolled around

Long, long ago and long ago it was, as the Irish storytellers begin a major yarn, there was a US President who had more fun on Saint Patrick’s Day than any president in history: Ronald Reagan.

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Today, in President Reagan’s presidential library in Simi Valley, CA, his actual Air Force One holds pride of place, but right behind that significant plane is the Ronald Reagan Pub, which Reagan had transported brick by brick from his ancestral home of Ballyporeen in Co Tipperary.

President Reagan was an Irish storyteller par excellence, but some of the antics on St.Patrick’ Day would be hard to match.

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In 1988, the President took time out of his schedule to visit a local Irish pub for a pint and a chat:

One year it was actual leprechauns or dwarves or little people who made their appearance during a cabinet meeting. Reagan was laughing so hard he didn’t notice one had crawled into his lap and another had pretended to shoot him.

A leprechaun in the White House... as ye do.

A leprechaun in the White House... as ye do.

All good fun except for the Irish Ambassador who looked aghast.

Then there was the St. Patrick’s Day bowler hat he wore during the day, dressed otherwise in his always impeccable suit and tie, the jaunty green hat would have made a cat laugh which was truly the intention.

Look at that blazer...majestic!

Look at that blazer...majestic!

On his trip to Ireland, he drank Guinness with a priest in the Ronald Reagan Pub and reminisced fondly about his Irish roots.

A pint of plain with a priest.

A pint of plain with a priest.

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From Guinness, to leprechauns, to a wicked sense of humor this Scotch Irish knocked a bunch of fun out of March 17.