Davy Holden, an expert on Irish history based in Co Kilkenny, shares with IrishCentral the story of James Stephens, the founder of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

Holden tells IrishCentral: "On St. Patrick’s Day 1858, in a timber yard on Lombard Street in Dublin City, a Kilkenny man by the name of James Stephens founded a secret Irish revolutionary organisation known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). 

"The main aim of the IRB was to establish an independent Irish republic by way of armed insurrection.

"With the mass emigration of Irish people to the United States during the years of the Great Hunger, a sister organisation was founded across the pond, the Fenian Brotherhood

"Throughout the 1860s, the Fenians became known for events such as the invasion of Canada, the Fenian Rising of 1867, and the Manchester Martyrs, just to name a few."

In his video "The Life of a Fenian On The Run," Davy Holden talks through the life of the founder of 'Fenianism' James Stephens, beginning in his hometown of Kilkenny:

About Davy Holden

Davy Holden is an Irish history content creator hailing from south Kilkenny. With a passion for Ireland and its diaspora, he began creating videos in August 2022. In a year and a half, he amassed over 375,000 followers, released his debut book, traveled to the United States to perform Irish history workshops, and spoke at multiple universities and schools.

Holden's aim is to make Irish history come alive through the lens of his camera and to preserve the stories passed down from our ancestors, ensuring they are never forgotten. 

You can learn more about Davy Holden on his website, YouTube, and Instagram profiles.