A 22-year old American who convinced the media that he was a royal of Northern Irish descent has been found to be a fraud.

Alexander Jackson Maier from New Rochelle in New York claimed he had the title of Lord Alexander, 11th Marquess of Annaville, and wrote extensively about the royal family in newspaper articles. 

In February, US newspaper St Lucia published a column by Maier where he wrote about British colonialism.

Maier claimed that he was the first Black Lord in his family and that the part of his family that carried the "hereditary right came from Northern Ireland."

Later on, in a now-deleted article published by the British news outlet The Independent, Maier wrote a sympathetic article in support of Meghan Markle with the headline, "I'm a black British member of the aristocracy. I love the royal family — but I know what Meghan said was true."

Alexander Jackson Maier wrote an article in support of Meghan's allegations of racism within the monarchy

Alexander Jackson Maier wrote an article in support of Meghan's allegations of racism within the monarchy

Referring to Harry and Meghan's allegations of racism within the monarchy during their famous Oprah Winfrey interview earlier this year he said: "As a member of that same aristocracy, I'm telling you that I unequivocally believe that they are telling the truth."

Experts and social media users became doubtful of Maier's royal claims and discovered the title he created for himself did not exist.

Thread: As Marquess of Annaville is trending, let me do a journalism for @Independent which deleted its fake royal story without explanation. This seems more than a prank? Maybe follow up with the conservative, political blogger author?https://t.co/ZZFp475oFD #MeghanAndHarry pic.twitter.com/GmsKEQB66I

— CamburgBahnhof (@CamburgBahnhof) March 13, 2021

The Independent was forced to remove the column and issue a clarification stating "There is no Marquess of Annaville in the Irish peerage. The Independent has been unable to verify what titles (if any) Alexander Maier-Dlamini holds."

The Telegraph reported on Saturday, June 26, that Maier has since "apologized greatly" and he told the newspaper, "There is no title in the peerage related to me whatsoever. I do apologize greatly to those institutions involved with a mechanism like this, many of which I'm obviously not familiar with."

Maier has since stayed away from the spotlight and his social media accounts are currently all on private.