'Webster's dictionary defines excellence as ''the state or condition of being excellent.'''
- Drederick Tatum 1992

Cavan town – that wonderful town – has been named as the Irish winner of the 2013 European Destination of Excellence.

The Irish Independent reports that 'as part of its prize, the town will now receive free marketing support from Failte Ireland, including a professional photo shoot and a promotional DVD, and a grant of €5,000 to support business development.'

So why does Cavan deserve such an award? Well we I have come up with 15 reasons why it's the best county to visit in Ireland:

1. There's the public toilets Screengrab: Northern Sound

When speaking to the Northern Sound regarding this huge news, Fine Gael Councillor Barry Wilson said:

'There is money needed to be spent on the toilets down there but they're not that bad, and it's better to have toilets opened than toilets closed.'

2. Bailieborough is the most romantic town in Ireland

'Ye heard me! For years us Cavan folk have had to put up with constant chastising about being tight with our money, our lack of romance, our inability to woo women – and we've had to carry the burden of a stereotype that paints us more like Cearrbhach Mac Cába than Casanova.
Well in your face begrudgers! More Valentine's gifts, chocolates and general love stuff are bought in the Tesco branch of Bailieborough than in any other Tesco in Ireland.'

3. We did a damn good job of hosting the Fleadh

For three glorious years, tourists flocked to Cavan for Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. Where we saw all sorts of entertainment; from things like this...

And this…

And also this...

And even this...

4. We've a new postbox

A great dayfor Knockbride, and therefore, the world!


5. We love our sport

Even our priests are GAA mad. That's Fr Kevin Fay sprinting across the pitch in celebration.

6. No matter where you are in Cavan you're only ever 10 yards away from an Ulster u21 medallist

Speaking of Gaelic football – the future is bright, the future is blue!

Image: Cavan County Board

7. But we don't let sport damage friendships

You can check out any time you like but you may never leave.

Image: @cftully

8. There's the field

Well it's not really a field but it has less rushes in it than the others.

Image: Brimmapp

9. There's also the house outside Virginia that looks like the pig from Angry Birds

Image: Gerry McBride

10. We don't try to fleece tourists

€100,000? Sure that's practically giving it away!

Screengrab: DoneDeal.ie

11. We'll add you on Facebook if you visit

12.. Lots of famous people are connected to Cavan

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's great grandfather, Ronan Keating's father, Jedward's granny...The list goes on and on.

Image: Keith Allison

13. Even Elton John knows about Cavan

Thanks to The Strypes who are a whole other reason to visit Cavan too.

14. We're not Navan

15. The Imperial never closes

We call it 'The Time Warp.'

Image: The Imperial Bar Cavan

16. Seriously though...

This is Cavan

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