Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize? Here's why one man in Dublin thinks it could happen.

Editor's Note: This opinion piece on Trump's worthiness for the Nobel Peace Prize was written by a Dubliner with a keen interest in US politics before the fateful meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. In the wake of the meeting, it seems President Moon Jae-in agrees. 

Per Reuters: "'President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace,' Moon told a meeting of senior secretaries, according to a presidential Blue House official who briefed media." 

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The news that Mike Pompeo, former CIA head and prospective Secretary of State has met with Kim Jung Un, the North Korea dictator, has the diplomatic world ablaze.

It is now clear Donald Trump is all in on a Korean solution. If he succeeds the entire political game in America changes.

At the end of February of this year, various international news sources reported that Donald Trump was being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘’ideology of peace by force’’. As expected, it was later confirmed that this nomination was in fact ‘’fake news’’.

Nevertheless, stranger things have happened in this world and I wouldn’t be so surprised to see Donald Trump in Oslo in the near future being presented with the coveted award. You ask, how could this possibly occur as Trump’s presidency has been marred by scandal after scandal.  The answer lies in his ability to broker a deal with the rogue North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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At the start of March, the U.S. Government and the North Korean regime confirmed that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un would meet to discuss the prospect of North Korea agreeing to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. In return, the U.S. would probably lift its trade embargo and recognize the legitimacy of the North Korean regime. One would presume that they would also receive a substantial aid package from the U.S. It is believed that this meeting is due to take place at the end of May. The location is yet to be finalized. However, what’s interesting to note is that Russian Premier, Vladimir Putin, has offered to facilitate the talks.

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It must be noted that this is a remarkable turn of events. Only last year, Trump christened the rogue dictator ‘’little rocket man’’ and said if Kim continues to antagonize the United States he would be met with great ‘’fire and fury’’.

Signs are also beginning to emerge that Kim Jong Un is serious about nuclear disarmament. No doubt the trade sanctions are having a crushing effect on the North Korean economy. In the last month alone, he has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. This was his first official diplomatic meeting outside of North Korea. Likewise, he also conducted talks South Korean diplomats in Pyongyang. These are all signs that he is beginning to see diplomacy with the international community as a better long-term option than the threat of nuclear war.

We must also remember too that Donald Trump is a dealmaker first and foremost. It is what he has been doing for the most of his career. As we all know, he is fairly new to the political arena and he knows if these talks are successful, he would achieve something that the Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama administrations all failed to do.

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We must remember that Trump is an individual who has an obsession with accomplishment and ‘’win bigly’’ as he says so himself. He's a man who boasts how many times he has been on the cover of Time magazine, how he had the best ratings on T.V and how he has built the best skyscrapers in the Manhattan skyline. He probably just sees the Nobel Peace Prize as another chance to show the world what he can achieve.

Despite Trump’s volatile character and lack of popularity with a large proportion of the U.S. public, if the economy continues to grow and Trump turns from a dealmaker to peacemaker, whether we like it or not, he will certainly have a platform to run on if he decides to go up for re-election in 2020.

Brian Walsh is  a member of the U.S Embassy Youth Council in Dublin