US President Donald Trump has apparently told aides to prepare for a "whirlwind" trip to both sides of the Northern Irish border this June.

Donald Trump already confirmed to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that he would be visiting Ireland, but rumors abound that the visit could come sooner than expected.

According to a source, top aides to the POTUS have been told to make plans for a visit to both sides of the Irish border this summer. 

Trump has reportedly told staff to be on standby for a trip this June, which would narrowly miss a clash with the upcoming Royal wedding.

While a trip to Ireland had been put on the agenda for 2019, it is believed that Trump now has intentions to visit much sooner.

A source told The Sun on Sunday that the President received a "hand-delivered invitation to Northern Ireland" during St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the White House.

“The letter came from a major figure in the Northern Irish community and it has made him even more enthusiastic to go as soon as possible," the source reportedly told the publication.

“He’s on his travels in June so it possible that a visit could be squeezed in then.”

Trump had told Varadkar during their meeting that he was "very interested" in the border and would be interested in visiting it on any Irish visit.

He was referring to the Northern Ireland border, the consideration of which is causing delays in the Brexit negotiations at the European Union.

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He stated, "That is an interesting border also, we have two interesting borders”, an apparent nod to the US/Mexico lines where he has widely publicized his desires to build a wall.

The Whitehouse has not yet issued a statement on the matter of Trump's visit. Alas, politicians sharing the news via social media has added to the rumor mill.