During his 214 days as President Donald Trump has done nothing that should surprise

Donald Trump has sustained an incredible barrage of criticism since he entered office, but he has done nothing that should surprise anyone.

People clearly voted for a game-changer after the Bush/ Clinton/ Obama era ran out of road.

Yes, Hillary should have won but tell me this, which campaign was far better in sending a message of change which is what all elections are about?

Trump has certainly brought change. Have you noticed the stock market? Record levels all around.

Undocumented situation

How about illegal entries into the United States? Down by half.


Let's look at unemployment numbers. Near record low. How about new jobs? Oh about 250,000 a month or so.

North Korea?

The tin pot little dictator backed off because Trump stood tall – he may not aim weapons at Guam after all.

North Korea condemns 'mad guy Trump' as U.S. and South Korea hold joint military drillshttps://t.co/xa6dgfeL7D

— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) August 22, 2017


No doubt they whispered in the North Korean leader’s ear – no more dumb threats after Trump called them out.


Working with US and cleaning Syria and Iraq of these rats from ISIS, nothing coordinated but an informal pact.

Realpolitik in a horrible arena dictates Assad should survive as he poses no international threat. That’s where Russia and the US are headed. Trump and Putin put that together.

Trump is not an ideological keyhole guy, he is a #Resultist. His sole desire is to achieve results, not meet with some purity test.

— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) August 22, 2017

Mueller’s investigation?

Much ado about nothing – sorry NY Times, Wash Post etc. It already looks like Mueller was on a fishing expedition and researching Russian ties long before Trump was in power. That’s mostly called doing business, Mr. Prosecutor.

International alliances?

The French have come running, and Merkel will too if her position as European Supremo is threatened. The reason is clear – Europe cannot be defended except by the US.


The homeland has been safe save for those dreadful Nazis. Defending them was Trump’s one and completely self-inflicted terrible brain fart policy. There should be enough time to row back. This is the one issue that could unhorse Trump. His instincts are wrong.

Americans disapprove of Pres. Trump’s response to Charlottesville 2-1, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds. https://t.co/SAAVBiNic2 pic.twitter.com/BH7Pv3QUAx

— ABC News (@ABC) August 22, 2017

Senior personnel?

Now that the smoke has cleared John Kelly looks like a great Chief of Staff.

Jim Mattis is running the wars, which generals should do anyway.

Rex Tillerson is on a learning curve but gaining ground.

The rest are irrelevant.

Relations with Congress?

Turtle McConnell ought to be turtle soup. All those years bleating about Obamacare but he had no plan in the end.

It was hardly Trump’s fault that McConnell was exposed as the worst charlatan since the emperor had no clothes.

Trump knew that coming into power, sensed the American people knew it too and they have all been proven right.

As for Paul Ryan – McConnell and Ryan gave Trump bad counsel – he should have done infrastructure first. They know that now.

The Tweeter in chief?

Isn’t it refreshing to have someone say what's on their mind rather than the usual palaver? Think for a moment what a President Hillary would be like, a long string of incoherent sentences calculated to offend nobody – and inspire nobody either – on every imaginable issue.

Thank you, the very dishonest Fake News Media is out of control! https://t.co/8J7y900VGK

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 21, 2017

At least with Trump you know what he is thinking and it lets him blow off steam. The reality is he is governing in a far more moderate fashion than the tweets might have you believe. See how he fires Loose Cannon Bannon when his righty renegade swung way too far to the edges?

So relax, calm down people. As Sun Tzu famously said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”.

Trump knows that better than anyone and can withstand chaos far better than the nervous ninnies who oppose him. Seven months in he is doing fine.