After almost five years of constant assaults on our sense of credibility, President Obama's chickens are coming home to roost…You can tell the end is near when television comedians start to make fun of his and his entire administrations, uneasy relationship with the truth.

Late night television host Jay Leno best summed up Americas feelings with:

Despite what the critics say, President Obama says the lack of response to Syria so far does not threaten his credibility. And you know something? He's right. The economy, Benghazi, the spying scandal... that threatens his credibility, but this other

Not only are Americans burned out by President Obamas chronic “misspeaks” and "Clintonesque" statements that require a legal definition of what the meaning of is, is…..

.......Americas sense of credibility has been assaulted by almost five years of White House underlings telling us not to believe our own lying eyes, but to believe the Obama administration.  

Stuttering and yammering professional spin doctors pose as White House press spokesmen, never giving a straight answer to questions asked.…the list stretches interminably.

But eventually the piper has to be paid for years of evading and when the President proclaimed,  just before the last election, Syria better not cross his “Red Line” by using chemical weapons, he unwittingly painted himself into a box.

His words came back to haunt him as chemical agents have been used in Syria to kill and disable.

The problem for President Obama is not so much that these chemicals have been used, but WHO is using them.The death toll in this civil war is over 100,000, chemical weapons have accounted for a miniscule amount of these deaths.

President Obama claims it is the evil regime of Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria who is gassing his own people in this vicious civil war. But Assad and his chief ally, Russias President Vladimir Putin, claim it is the rebels themselves who are using chemical weapons.

President Obama and Secretary of state John Kerry, who himself has a long history of stretching credibility, both claim Assads regime needs to be degraded as punishment for using chemical weapons, which would give a boost to the rebels who are fighting for control of the country. 

But Americans have taken a hard look at just who the rebels are in Syria and they don’t like the brutal images they are seeing. Jihadists from all over the world, including Al Qaeda, swell rebel ranks. See graphic video of Syrian "rebels" executing captured government hostages here.

Many in America wonder why we would be supporting the very forces who are intent on destroying America and western civilization? 

Americans are also leery of past foreign policy decisions by President Obama that opened the door for Muslim Brotherhood control of Egypt and by helping to kill the leader of Libya, plunged that once orderly country into Islamic chaos.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, no stranger to Islamic extremism,  has called secretary of State Kerry a liar.  Putin claims he has proof the rebels have used chemicals against the Syrian people in order to inflame animosity towards Assad.

So it is coming down to who are we supposed to believe? …and that is the crux of President Obamas problem as he asks Congress to approve his use of American military force against the Assad regime.

"Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us."

It is a sad state of affairs that Americans can no longer believe what their government  tells them anymore…and a leader of a former communist country and head of the KGB, has equal credibility with the White House.

Evidently congress is feeling the same after listening to Obama administration officials plea their case in front of them. Skeptical members of Congress asked scathing questions without regard to party affiliation.  A straw poll today reflected that feeling with 190 congress members saying they would vote against the president’s request.

Of course, typically,  President Obama is trying to deflect this and claim it is the international community who set the red line, but unfortunately for President Obama, there are video tapes of his now infamous statement claiming it was his red line…..confirming what our own lying eyes and ears already knew.