If Mike Pence can't eat dinner with a woman who's not his wife, how does he talk business with a man like President Donald Trump?

Do you remember that quaint little kerfuffle from last year?  When word leaked out that Vice President Mike Pence would not allow himself to eat dinner with a woman who was not his wife.  

The reason?  His Christian faith is so important to him, so traditional, that even the appearance of something as serious as adultery would be too much to bear.  Or something like that.

Oh, Mr. Vice President.  You really should have stuck with the faith of your Irish immigrant grandparents.  There’s no indiscretion—not even a little dinner table temptation —that a dose of confession and penitential Hail Marys can’t clean up.

And how do we think Pence, whose grandparents emigrated from Clare, is doing these days?  After all, he works closely with a guy who apparently plunked down $130,000 so that a woman named Stormy Daniels—well, that’s the name she used when performing in pornographic movies—would keep quiet about the extramarital sexual affair Trump was having with this woman.

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Did Trump lose out on his deal with Stormy Daniels? 

Did we ever think we'd have a President who allegedly paid off a porn star?

Did we ever think we'd have a President who allegedly paid off a porn star?

Separate note: After we've stumbled through yet another government shutdown, and the debate rages about whether or not Trump is a genius or a dope when it comes to negotiating, we should consider what Trump got for his money from Stormy Daniels.  Isn’t she doing an awful lot of talking for someone who was paid to keep quiet?

Anyway, back to poor old Pence.  If he can’t sit at a dinner table and talk business with a person who happens to have two X chromosomes, how in God’s name (fitting phrase that) can he justify working for a guy who (among other things) liked to chase Stormy around the bedroom dressed only in his tighty-whities?  (Allegedly.)  And then pay her to shut up about it? (Which she didn’t.)

This is the same Mike Pence, by the way, who during the 2016 campaign, said that when Bill Clinton took “advantage of a 23-year-old intern at the White House named Monica Lewinsky,” it was “the most appalling behavior by an American president in the history of this country.”

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The Stormy Daniels incident is in great contrast to Trump's supposed Christian values

So when Pence prays before bed every night, is that what he’s taking comfort in?  That all of these—alleged—sexual shenanigans took place before Trump was in the White House?

But, of course, it’s not just Pence.  Last week, this Porno President was cheered by thousands of devout Catholics and Protestants at the March for Life in Washington.

“It’s so refreshing to have a standing president who supports pro-life,” one anti-abortion life marcher told Reuters, adding that Trump “seems to be moving us back in the direction of traditional families and morality.”

Yes, because when I think of paying hush money to Stormy Daniels, I think traditional morality.

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Conservatives are not alone in their hypocrisy. Liberals are guilty as well. 

Did Trump's critics also stand behind Clinton? Image: RollingNews.ie

Did Trump's critics also stand behind Clinton? Image: RollingNews.ie

But, alas, the problem here is even bigger than hypocritical Christians, or Catholics whose ideas of sin are, shall we say, selective.

Because Trump’s critics have their problems, too.  There are a lot of folks who are marching in the streets and sloganeering on Twitter, demanding equality and rights and dignity for women.  And they are offering up Trump as Public Enemy number one, rightfully and understandably.  

And yet, what did they have to say back in the days of the Clinton White House?  Heck, even back in the days of the Kennedys and Camelot?  If they forcefully condemned what appeared to be a pattern of disrespectful behavior towards women by liberal Democrats, well, great.  

Too often, though, such behavior was excused or ignored.  Just as Trump’s supporters are doing today.

Trump’s critics can at least take comfort in one thing: At least they don’t pretend to be virtuous Christians, so worried about declining morality, while at the same time supporting the most amoral president we’ve ever had.

Pray on that, Mr. Pence.

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