Read more: Irish General Election called after Greens pull out

The Green Parry decision to pull the plug on the Irish government was the only option the party had.

Recent opinion polls show this government in Ireland to be so unpopular that the Green Party now faces a parliamentary wipeout when they face the electorate.

Their only possible hope of salvation was to pull the plug on a deeply unpopular government and hope for the best that the electorate would be more forgiving as a result.

I doubt it will work but it was certainly the right thing to do.

In all my years I have never seen an Irish government so unpopular.

There is a reasonable chance that the Fianna Fail party, which has dominated Irish politics since the beginning of the state, will be effectively wiped out.

Most believe it will lose up to 40 seats from the 78 seats it held after the last election in 2007.

They have been in power 18 of the last twenty years so cannot point a finger anywhere else for the current disastrous state of the Irish economy.

The IMF loan last week was a catastrophic event for them.

Their communications strategy was to deny the loan was coming right up to the last moment before it actually was delivered.

It left for a lot of head scratching and deep sense that the party had either become far too arrogant and that they thought they could tell the populace anything, or that they did not fully understand they had no other option but to accept the loan.

The anger of the Irish electorate will now be visited on them, but as yet it is not entirely clear who will succeed them.

Fine Gael, the main opposition party is the obvious choice, but there have been many questions about their leader Enda Kenny who is considered by some to lack the political gravitas for the job at this key time.

The Labor Part leader Eamon Gilmore is far more popular but is also untested in the financial maelstrom t that Ireland faces today.

The two parties may finish sufficiently close to institute a revolving Prime Minister situation which would hardly be to Ireland's benefit.

What is clear however, is that Fianna Fail will be nowhere near the levers of power after this election and perhaps for a very long time.

The IMF takeover has seen to that.

Read more: Irish General Election called after Greens pull out