Maureen Callahan, a columnist with the Daily Mail, has asked the question many want answered –nwhy is the true story of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Junior not coming out?

Callahan, a top-notch columnist, also asks an awkward question which is what did Robert Kennedy’s abysmal treatment of his first wife Mary Kennedy have to do with her suicide in 2012?

Kennedy is a notorious philanderer who, Callahan says, kept score on all the women he slept with, including many close acquaintances of his wife.

When he finally broke up with Mary, Callahan claims he treated her so badly that she spiraled out of control and killed herself.

Callahan points out that Kennedys behaving badly seems to always get away with it.

Certainly, if you want an example of sheer nastiness, consider this; according to Callahan, Kennedy had his dead wife’s remains removed from the family plot and interred elsewhere in the graveyard.

Callahan writes: ”he made a big show of having Mary buried in the Kennedy family plot in Massachusetts, the media getting unobstructed photos of Mary's casket.

"Not two months later, without the required permits, Kennedy secretly had Mary's coffin exhumed from her grave and buried alone on the other side of the cemetery, no gravestone.”

How’s that for a deep insight into what Kennedy is truly like?

RFK Jr., the son of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy, announced his campaign for the presidency on April 19, 2023, and will challenge incumbent President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination next year. 

Launching his bid in Boston, Kennedy, an anti-vaccine activist and environmental lawyer, described himself as a truth-teller who will "end the division".